Saturday, 29 December 2012

It's a new dawn, It's a new day...

Hey guys,
I realise it has probably been about 2 weeks now since I last posted, but like everyone else I was busy enjoying spending christmas at home with my family :) 

One of my New Years resolutions is to keep up with blogging more! I love talking about fashion and my photography and what better place to do it than to a whole internet world of people with the same interests :) 

 One of the ways in which I intend to keep up with blogging is by completing 
"Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way" 

Basically I will take a photo everyday for a year of something new or interesting that has happened that day! Hopefully this means that in a years time I will have a whole album of photos that will tell the story of my year, also taking a photo everyday will improve my photography skills because I will want the photos to be different and interesting, maybe it will even encourage me to do more in life so that I can photograph it :) Who knows? But I just wanted to try something different and give myself a New Years resolution that is achievable :)

I havent really set any rules for this challenge other than I'd like one photo a week to be of myself, maybe in my favourite outfit of that week just so that I can document how I change and how my fashion sense may change over the course of the year!

On another note I have also set myself the challenge of getting fit next year which will include going for a run 3/4 times a week and hopefully the results will be seen in my weekly photos :)

Wish me luck? :)

Monday, 17 December 2012

I Heart Skater Skirts!

Hey guys,
Apologies for not posting for over a week i've just been so busy recently I haven't had the time to just sit down on my laptop and blog! I handed in all of my uni work a week ago today and since then have been working full time starting at 6am so today is my first day off and I thought i'd use it to catch up with everything; TV, wrapping xmas presents, blogging etc.

Seeing as I haven't really ventured out to the shops that much recently I've been browsing quite a lot online and lusting over items that I really can't afford until after xmas (when they will hopefully go into sale anyway!)

So todays post is about a few things I have been looking at online (and by looking I mean adding them to an imaginary shopping basket then checking my bank balance and swiftly removing them again!) - specifically skater skirts! Skater skirts have become one of my favourite items to wear. I find them very flattering on my body shape, having quite wide hips (which I hate)  I feel that a skater skirt hides them a bit and balances me out  :) I also love the fact that they come in so many different materials, colours, patterns etc that there is one to suit every occasion be it day or night!

So here is a collection of my favourite skater skirts at the moment :)

1. This is the Millie Sateen Skater Skirt in cobalt from  its only £18 and comes in three different colours. I love the sateen shine that it has as it gives it a more dressed up look. I'd love to wear this in the evening with either a sheer shirt tucked in or just a simple black vest :)

2. This is the Evelyn All Over Sequin Full Circle Skater Skirt also from Boohoo I think this skirt would be great for the xmas party season it is such a nice shape I think it would look beautiful when you are twirling around the dance floor as all the sequins would catch the light!

3. This is the Emilie Leather Skater Skirt from I've been wanting a leather look skater skirt for a while now but haven't quite found the perfect one! At only £21.99 i'm so tempted by this beauty!

4. This is the Berendeta Velvet Skater Skirt In Burgundy also from Missguided. I've never really been in to velvet before as i'm not keen on the feel of it but I love this velvet skater skirt because I think it would look so nice dressed up with heels in the evening or even on a cold winters day paired with thick tights and ankle boots :)

5. This is the Metra Embroidered Cross Skater Skirt from Missguided again with this skirt I've never really been into crosses but they are all over everything at the moment and its starting to grow on me I think here it just adds a nice bit of detailing to what otherwise would have been just a plain black skirt!

6. This is the Connie Lace Prom Skirt from boohoo. I do already have a black lace skirt which I love to death that I got form Primark for £10 (I'm actually wearing it in my blogheader!) but what I really like about this one is it has a bit more volume than my one which means not only would it look great on its own but it would look so nice underneath a dress to give it a bit of a 50's vibe with the lace sticking out underneath :)

I hope you like my little wish list of skater skirts :) Hopefully I will be able to buy at least one of these after xmas just in time for New Year! :) 

Have you got your xmas and New Year outfits sorted? :)


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?

Hey Guys,

Cant stop listening to this song :)

Been busy with uni work for the last couple of days but have managed to create a couple of things I'm a bit proud of :) I previously featured some photos I had taken to be made into an advertising campaign for Asos... well I have started to create my advertisements :) Let me know what ya think!

This was the first draft of my Asos app but I have since altered it slightly...
This is the most recent version, which do you prefer?

I have also started to create a magazine advert...

What do you think? All comments welcome :)

Ive also got a new look on Lookbook!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

£250 Pandora Blogger Challenge!

Hey Guys,

I read about this great competition on Louise's blog from John Greed Jewellery whereby you browse their website and create your own dream Pandora bracelet using the charms available and the only rule is that it can't be over £250! Then all you do is blog about it and leave a comment with a link to your blog on their website here.

Ive always admired other peoples Pandora bracelets and wanted one of my own but always found them a bit out of my price range (or should I say my boyfriends price range!) So I jumped at the chance to take part in this competition, hope you like my dream bracelet :)

I started off with just a plain silver bracelet, I was tempted to go for the single woven black leather bracelet to make it look a bit different but I would like a Pandora for day to day wear as well as evening and I think the Silver will look nicer in the evening :)

1. I chose the plain silver bracelet so that I could jazz it up with my own charms :)
2. I chose the crown because in my family being the only girl I was always known as the princess :)
3. I chose the Love, faith and hope charm in the hope that this bracelet would bring me all of those things :)
4. I chose the stocking to represent when I got the bracelet which would be this christmas :)
5. I chose the treasure chest because I figured it's not a Pandora bracelet without Pandoras box ;)
6. I chose this one because pink is my favourite colour and I love the beautiful 3D swirl around this charm
7. I chose this again because I love pink and I thought that the flower design is beautiful!
8. Lastly I chose this charm because I love the way that it looks as if it is filled with pressed flowers :)

I still can't believe that all of this came to exactly £250!! Even if I don't win this competition I would seriously consider asking for a Pandora for christmas!!! Hope you like my entry :)


Saturday, 1 December 2012

And I'd give away a thousand days, oh Just to have another one with you...

Hey Guys,

Finally got round to editing some of the photos I took for my Diversity photoshoot :) I have mentioned it before but the shoot was looking at "plus size" and I used one of my closest friends for the shoot :) This is just a couple of the pics but would love some feedback :)

P.S. Check out my new look :)