Thursday, 28 February 2013

Strawberries Taste How Lips Do...

Hey Guys,
Wanted to share a few more items that I have bought recently during my spending spree in H&M and some basics I purchased recently from New Look :)

Here I am wearing a burgundy cardigan which I bought in the H&M sale for £7 I think it is going to replace my standard black one as I just love this colour!
I am also wearing a basic white T-shirt which I bought in the Tall section in New Look it came in a pack of 3 with a grey one and a black one for £12.99 and they are great for tucking into skater skirts for a casual look for when I'm just going into uni :)

I am also wearing a black skater skirt I got from New Look for £9.99 before student discount! I've wanted one for a while but hadn't found quite the right shape or length for me but this one is perfect! 

The only issue was when taking these photos I may have flashed my photographer Hannah about a million times as every time a gust of wind came the skirt blew up around my ears! Luckily I always wear body con skirts under skirts like this! 

I am also wearing my New Look boots which I actually purchased brand new on eBay for £10!

Its hard to tell from this windy photo but here I am wearing this cute headband I found in H&M for £1! It is a plain black band with feathers attached to a chain so that they fall with your hair :)

I now have so many basic items its unreal, but I always think you can never have too many as they go with literally everything :)

Do you have a lot of basic items in your wardrobe?

Monday, 25 February 2013

And As He Turns Down The Lights, I'm Feeling Paralyzed...

Hey Guys :)
So yesterday was the first day of Uni Days offering 20% discount at H&M which me and my housemates were extremely excited about (possibly more than any normal human being would be) So as soon as I finished uni we headed straight there to buy anything and everything we could get our hands on while we could get 20% off :)

Surprisingly I didn't come away with that many items but I did buy a BEAUTIFUL dress which I am about to share with you :)

It is a gorgeous burgundy colour, although it looks more pink in these photos for some reason... The dress is actually sleeveless but I am wearing it with a body three quarter sleeve top as it was so chilly outside! It also has this really nice collar detail which I wouldn't normally go for because I find they sit quite high up on me which I don't usually like, but I think it works well here :)

I am also wearing my favourite accessory of the moment which is my bowler hat! I just can't get enough of it! :)

I realise many people would say that wearing red with red hair clashes but in my opinion they just bring out the colour in each other :)

The dress was only £14.99 before the 20% student discount, so a bit of a bargain really :)

What do you think of my dress and bowler combo? If you're a student have you taken advantage of the discount yet? if not, why not?? :)


Friday, 15 February 2013

It Feels Like a Perfect Night To Dress Up Like Hipsters

Hey guys,

Hope you have had a lovely week with pancake day and valentines and all that jazz! Me and my boyfriend don't tend to do valentines day to be honest, I don't need a specific day to tell him I love him :)

We do however celebrate PANCAKE DAY :) Which this year also happened to be my housemates birthday which meant starting off with a delicious meal out at a mexican restaurant complete with nachos and cocktails <3

Hello 2 4 1 cocktails :)

This is me and the birthday girl <3 oh yeah and I dyed my hair red :)

We had such a nice evening with yummy food, great company and amazing cocktails!!!

To top it off we then headed home to make pancakes with the rest of our housemates which was slightly unsuccessful as we bought a pancake mix... never again!

This is the outfit I wore out for dinner with my newly dyed hair :)

Hope you had a great week :) Did you do anything nice for pancake day? or Valentines? I'd love to hear about it :) 

Friday, 8 February 2013

30 Random Facts About Me

Hey guys,
I've read quite a few of these posts recently and I love them! I love finding out little details about the lives of the bloggers you read about daily :) So I thought I would jump on the band wagon! Some of these facts if you know me will come as no surprise :) I went for 30 facts rather than 50 as my life really isn't that interesting!

  1. My middle name is Michelle and it was chosen by my older brother as that was the name of his girlfriend at the time (he was only 4!)
  2. I was born in Glasgow and moved to England when I was 9 months old
  3. I have been with my boyfriend since I was 16 (I'm now 22!)
  4. I've known my boyfriend since playgroup and he has lived round the corner from me most of my life
  5. Our first date was probably a bike ride because thats what we did pretty much everyday for the first summer we were together :)
  6. I have never broken a bone
  7. I had to touch wood as soon as I finished typing that last one
  8. I want to be able to do things without learning.. For example as a child I tried ballet, karate, gymnastics, swimming, golf, guitar lessons and piano lessons and quit all of them!
  9. I hate my legs, you will never see me with bare legs unless I am lying on a beach in a country far away
  10. I have size 9 feet!
  11. I buy a lot of shoes because anytime I find a pair in my size its such a novelty I just buy them!
  12. I am ambidextrous 
  13. I did a tandem skydive when I was 19
  14. My first holiday abroad without my parents was to Magaluf with my boyfriend when we were 17
  15. I blush very easily
  16. I've never bitten my nails
  17. I still drive my first car which I got when I was 18
  18. I write with a fluffy pen everyday at uni (child at heart)
  19. I'm a bit of a control freak (I just like things done my way!)
  20. I hate it when my underwear doesn't match
  21. I can't go a day without chocolate (literally! it's like an addiction)
  22. I've never been to a festival
  23. I don't wear trousers (except at work)
  24. I have the same group of friends from school
  25. I love cows and own a lot of cow related paraphernalia 
  26. My housemates reckon I have a thing for bald men (Seriously though Jason Statham is like the hottest man alive!)
  27. I am very squeamish! (My boyfriends knee cap once went out of place and I had to try comfort him and stop myself from vomiting at the same time!)
  28. I've always wanted bigger boobs!
  29. For years I believed my parents when they told me that when my brother was little he was so fat they use to roll him down the garden!
  30. My best friend has been doing summer and winter seasons halfway round the world for the past two years and yet she is still my closest friend and always will be :)
Thought I'd end on a happy note :) Hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know me a bit better :) If you can relate to any of these random facts leave me a comment I'd love to hear form you :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

John Greed Jewellery's Valentine’s Day Blogger Challenge

Hey Guys,
I have just found out about this amazing competition by John Greed Jewellery to win every Jewellery item you want this valentines day (to the value of £250) All you have to do is create a post like this one saying which items of jewellery you would pick and why then past the URL of your blog post into the comments box here :)

 photo necklace.jpg
Hot Diamond Silver & Diamond Just Add Love Spontaneous Locket Necklace

This is the first item I would pick to give to my best friend Jess as she is currently doing a 6 month winter season abroad and I miss her so much, I think it would really make her Valentines day to receive this beauty in the post <3

 photo L_50101709.jpg

Links of London Silver and Cord Fuchsia Pink FEED Heart Bracelet

The second item I would pick would be this gorgeous Links of London bracelet. I have wanted a Links of London for so long but never had the funds! Not only is this one an amazing Fuchsia colour but the money also goes to a good cause. "The simple act of buying this charming friendship bracelet will ensure that 50 meals are provided to areas with high HIV/AIDS rates"

 photo bc0953_0_l.jpg

Soda Pop Black & White Wonderland Clock Pendant


This pendant is so cute and such a reasonable price! I have been looking at getting myself a pocket watch necklace, obviously the ones i've been looking at have a real clock but I would settle for this pretend one just for the cool black and white design and the  cute image of the bunny on it :)

 photo pandora.jpg

Pandora Silver and Pink Zirconia Heart Charm - £40 

 Pandora Double Woven Pink Leather and Silver Starter Bracelet - £45

Lastly I have chosen these as it is Valentines therefore I wanted it to fit in with the theme!
I have always wanted a Pandora bracelet and this leather woven one would be perfect for day to day wear :)

All of these together come to £248.90 which for this much beautiful jewellery I would say is a bargain :)

What do you think of my entry? If you've entered too leave me your link below I'd love to see other peoples entries :)