Saturday, 17 November 2012

The dragonfly it ran away, But it came back with a story to say...

Hey Guys :)

Just wanted to post about my impromptu visit to London on Thursday J Basically I had planned on spending Thursday completing some of my mound of uni work, however when my housemate Hannah told me she had won two tickets to the inlovewithfashion show on Thursday I couldn’t really say no could I?  

Then of course when you’re going to London for the evening you might as well make a day of it J So we got ourselves all dolled up in the morning (hair and make up etc) put on some comfy jumpers and winter boots, threw nice skirts and heels in our handbags and headed off on the 1pm train J it was all going so well… 

We headed to Somerset house for the Tim Walker exhibition as I have been dying to go since I heard about it, and it lived up to expectations! The props he uses for his shoots are amazing, we saw the towering doll which was used in this image below…
We then got some food in Yates and some cider to get us in the mood for the fashion show J Thinking we had plenty of time, we headed for the toilets to change into our outfits for the evening and top up our make up and make our way to the tube station J
About an hour later after hopping on and off tubes, wandering around London in the dark very lost and changing into our heels on a street corner (as the walk would have taken twice as long in heels) we finally made it to the show, flustered and daunted by the number of beautifully well put together people now staring at our bedraggled selves in the doorway! Fortunately we were handed champagne and a goody bag as soon as we arrived so all was right with the world again J
Goody bag! (pic taken on the train as I couldn't wait to get home)
Contents of the goody bag :)

Free cake and champers yes please!

I had such a great time at the fashion show meeting people like Georgina and Paige who I have only ever seen on a computer screen and who look just as beautiful in real life, if not more so!
Paige's Beautiful Dress
I took a few pictures at the event which are below you can also find them on my instagram J

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  1. very well told lol and oh so true lol! i keep using my new green glittery eye pencil love it :D xxx