Thursday, 29 November 2012

Anything could happen...

Hey guys :)

I have officially started my christmas shopping! Yay! Had a really nice afternoon yesterday with my housemates having a stroll round the shops looking for pretty things to buy our friends and family :) 

We even finished the day off with delicious caramel hot chocs from starbucks :)

I did only manage to buy one christmas pressie but I did get a few ideas for future shopping so its all good :) 

I also picked up this gorgeous glitter eye palette for myself, as it is the christmas season and all its an excuse to be glittery :D and it was only £2!!

We had to wrap up pretty warm for shopping yesterday so I threw this on with a massive scarf and some pink leather gloves and I was so cosy! :)

Have you started christmas shopping yet? What do you think of my glitter eye palette? :)


Monday, 26 November 2012

All that glitters ain't gold...

Hey guys :)

This is a bit of an impromptu post as my next post was going to be showing the photos from my second shoot last week, however I am still in the process of editing so will post those at the end of the week most likely :) So keep an eye out :)

So, today I handed my first uni project of the year, and the worst one to be honest, it was a marketing report on Topshop and took me forever to complete! However 5000 words and 47 pages later it is done and handed in :D

To celebrate I decided to have an afternoon of chilling out and having a bit of time to myself as I don't really like I have been able to do that since I went back to uni. One of my favourite girly things to do when I'm on my own is paint my nails :D I love experimenting with different colours and designs but its been a while since I really looked through my collection and OH what a collection it is!!...

I dont think I quite realised how many nail varnishes I actually had! Which inspired this post :)

Here you can see my entire nail varnish collection... yes I am a bit of a hoarder and I NEVER throw nail varnish away so some of these I have had for a few years now... oops!

Quite a few of my nail varnishes are pink... which if you know me you will not be surprised at! 

I have found that recently the bag I usually keep them in feels decidedly small, maybe I need to sort through my nail varnishes... or just get a bigger bag! :D

A lot of my nail varnish is Barry M, i'm obsessed with their nail varnish they always bring out the most beautiful colours and glitter varnishes and I can't help being attracted to sparkly things!!

Here are a few experiments I have done lately all using Barry M :) you can also find these on my instagram :)

What do you think of my collection? Are you also a nail varnish hoarder?? :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

I rub my eyes 'cause it's hard to see Surrounded by all this beauty...

Hey guys :)

Its been such a busy week this week, got both of my photoshoots done for my uni projects which is great :) Just means lots of editing and possibly a re-shoot of some of the photos but overall I'm really happy with how they have turned out :)

As promised I have edited a few to post on here to show and hopefully get some feedback :)

The shots are supposed to be used in an advertising campaign so would be used for a billboard or bus.

For this image I used eye rocks from ASOS I think they turned out so well, however they are not the easiest things to apply, but the effect is amazing :) I would definitely use these again! The eye rocks are modelled for me by my housemate Hannah isn't she stunning?!

For this image I used lip rocks also from ASOS and again I love the effect these have and these were surprisingly easy to apply! However not sure how practical they would be if you wore them on a night out for instance. I would definitely use them again for photoshoots though as I love the way the studio lights hit them :)

These are my favourites but I took a lot more!! :)
Let me know what you think :)


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Follow the light through the Dreams and Disasters...

Hey Guys,

So, today is day one of my photoshoots!! Basically over the next two days I am going to be ridiculously stressed out as I am doing both of my final shoots for uni with only about 3 weeks left till hand in!! So if it all goes wrong well... lets not go there! But I am super excited about it as I am using the studio a lot more this year which I think had great results on my practice shoot last week :) (see last post)

Today I am doing a shoot on the subject of "Diversity in fashion" so basically we had to find a model who doesn't look like your average Vogue cover model, so that could be due to height, weight, race, age anything really! I chose to look at "plus size" models which in the fashion industry is a 12 or above! I know right since when is a size 12 "plus size." Ive chosen to use my friend who is BEAUTIFUL but just isn't stupidly skinny, which I think personally is a good thing! The shoot is all about her and her life so she is a seasonnaire so she does ski seasons over the winter and goes to a nice hotel in Greece for the summer (alright for some!) and she is one of the most active people I know despite the fact that she is a size 16!

For the shoot I intend to just bring out her personality and lifestyle through the styling, so I will upload the pictures as soon as I can and hopefully get some feedback :)


Saturday, 17 November 2012

The dragonfly it ran away, But it came back with a story to say...

Hey Guys :)

Just wanted to post about my impromptu visit to London on Thursday J Basically I had planned on spending Thursday completing some of my mound of uni work, however when my housemate Hannah told me she had won two tickets to the inlovewithfashion show on Thursday I couldn’t really say no could I?  

Then of course when you’re going to London for the evening you might as well make a day of it J So we got ourselves all dolled up in the morning (hair and make up etc) put on some comfy jumpers and winter boots, threw nice skirts and heels in our handbags and headed off on the 1pm train J it was all going so well… 

We headed to Somerset house for the Tim Walker exhibition as I have been dying to go since I heard about it, and it lived up to expectations! The props he uses for his shoots are amazing, we saw the towering doll which was used in this image below…
We then got some food in Yates and some cider to get us in the mood for the fashion show J Thinking we had plenty of time, we headed for the toilets to change into our outfits for the evening and top up our make up and make our way to the tube station J
About an hour later after hopping on and off tubes, wandering around London in the dark very lost and changing into our heels on a street corner (as the walk would have taken twice as long in heels) we finally made it to the show, flustered and daunted by the number of beautifully well put together people now staring at our bedraggled selves in the doorway! Fortunately we were handed champagne and a goody bag as soon as we arrived so all was right with the world again J
Goody bag! (pic taken on the train as I couldn't wait to get home)
Contents of the goody bag :)

Free cake and champers yes please!

I had such a great time at the fashion show meeting people like Georgina and Paige who I have only ever seen on a computer screen and who look just as beautiful in real life, if not more so!
Paige's Beautiful Dress
I took a few pictures at the event which are below you can also find them on my instagram J

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

All the pictures that we've taken, and the songs that we have played...

Hey Guys,
I did my first studio shoot today :) Just practising really, experimenting with the lights and what not :)

These are a few of the shots after a little re - touching (not much though which I am happy about) Let me know what you think :) My model is my stunning housemate Hannah (Check out her blog) who I have used a lot for previous shoots just cause why not? When you live with someone who is great in front of the camera it makes my life so much easier :)
I also took a few pictures of the outfit I was wearing today for Lookbook just because I love my matching hat and jumper :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Watching the world coming down on my head...

Hi guys :)

The title of this post is from an old Yellowcard song Down on my head as it just so happened that I was scrolling through my itunes and decided that I hadn't listened to them for a long time. However the lyrics are also very fitting at the moment as it pretty much sums up how i'm feeling... Ive got soo much coursework to do for uni by December that it literally feels like the world is falling on my head!

Unfortunately I haven't had time yet to do my first shoot but I'm doing a sort of test shoot on Wednesday with my friend Hannah to get use to the studio and lighting etc, so I will upload a few pics on here when i'm done :)

I have however had time to update my lookbook so check it out! Clearly I have my priorities straight!

I have also had time to buy lots of pretty things on the internet with all the money that I don't have! Including this beautiful jewellery from Twirly Trinkets which I was sooo excited about and can't stop wearing :)

I also just got a really nice tan satchel from H&M in the sale for £10 which I have been eyeing up for ages and couldn't resist when it was half price!! Will upload a pic soon! :)