Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Follow the light through the Dreams and Disasters...

Hey Guys,

So, today is day one of my photoshoots!! Basically over the next two days I am going to be ridiculously stressed out as I am doing both of my final shoots for uni with only about 3 weeks left till hand in!! So if it all goes wrong well... lets not go there! But I am super excited about it as I am using the studio a lot more this year which I think had great results on my practice shoot last week :) (see last post)

Today I am doing a shoot on the subject of "Diversity in fashion" so basically we had to find a model who doesn't look like your average Vogue cover model, so that could be due to height, weight, race, age anything really! I chose to look at "plus size" models which in the fashion industry is a 12 or above! I know right since when is a size 12 "plus size." Ive chosen to use my friend who is BEAUTIFUL but just isn't stupidly skinny, which I think personally is a good thing! The shoot is all about her and her life so she is a seasonnaire so she does ski seasons over the winter and goes to a nice hotel in Greece for the summer (alright for some!) and she is one of the most active people I know despite the fact that she is a size 16!

For the shoot I intend to just bring out her personality and lifestyle through the styling, so I will upload the pictures as soon as I can and hopefully get some feedback :)