Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day Two of 365 Day Photo Challenge - You are Gold!

Hey guys,
Todays photo again isn't the most exciting but its just a way for me to document my year :) So today was mostly spent getting uni work done for going back next week :( Yes sadly the holidays are over and it is back to the real world... 
However I decided to cheer myself and carry on the christmas spirit into the New Year by adding a bit of sparkle...

I got this gold Barry M nail varnish for christmas and wasn't sure about it at first as I usually stay away from gold due to my pale complexion but it was actually quite subtle and I really like it :)
The downside is it needs about 3 coats to come out as a solid colour but I guess it means you could have it even more subtle if you wanted...

Do you wear Barry M nail varnish? Whats your favourite?


  1. i really like gold nail varnish, i got one in my motel BFF box and my mum got one from avon, they're both sort of 'old gold' (if you know what i mean?! haha) and i loove them, i think they look great with silver jewellery on pale skin xxx

    1. Yeah Its the kind of thing I never would have picked myself but now that i've got it on I really like it :) xx

  2. ooh this is nice! i too am very pale so i have to be careful with colours!!! do you struggle with make-up too? like foundation?
    (follow back?)

    1. I pretty much buy the palest foundation available ahaha!! And I don't wear like golds and browns on my eyes either cause it doesn't suit my skin! :) x