Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 4,5 and 6 of 365 Day Photo Challenge - My uneventful weekend...

Hey guys,
Over the weekend I have come to realise that blogging my photo of the day every day is going to be more of a challenge than I thought, therefore I will make an effort to post everyday unless i'm super and then I will post a few photos in one post :)

As nothing eventful happened over the weekend I have a couple of rather boring photos, which is going to happen inevitably because lets face it no ones life is "omg today has been so exciting I just have to take a picture and document it" every day!

So this is Saturdays photo - I bought new make up! Yay! I love getting new make up, I always get it in my head that because my make up is all nice and new it is going to make me look twice as beautiful... it never works out that way...
I don't spend a lot of money on make up, mainly because I am a student and can't afford to! I tend to stick to Maybelline New York for a lot of products because I buy my foundation from there and often they have 3 for 2 offers so I end up buying everything else! However I ALWAYS buy my powder from Natural Collection in Boots because I have tried so many different ones and so far it has been the best and at £1.99 i'm not complaining :)
I also bought a new eyeliner from Barry M to try it out, I always use a fineliner one and it tends to smudge a bit during the day so I decided to try Barry M's waterproof version so see if it makes a difference and it really did, I wore it to work yesterday and it stayed put all day long! Definitely a winner!

This is Sundays photo - I work at Primark yay... Work is always uneventful! However I did get to see two security guards tackle a kid to the ground for shop lifting, highlight of my day!

This is todays photo - I went for my first run/walk/crawl today! It felt good/painful :D 

Plan on doing an outfit post on Wednesday as my photo of the day so look out for that! :)


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