Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 11-13 of the 365 Day Photo Challenge - Feeding my shopping addiction...

Hey guys,
Ive been a bit busier the last couple of days so have some slightly more interesting photos of the day :) 
Firstly on Saturday I had a lovely visit from some friends from home :) Me and my housemate Hannah met them in town for a spot of shopping and a delicious lunch at The Slug and Lettuce! One of my favourite places to eat at the moment :) It was such a nice day :)

Got this gorgeous lace top in H&M which turned out to only be £6 as when I got to the till they said it had gone into sale :) yay me! I also got some Aussie shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner as I love their products and they were on 3 for £10 in boots :)

Sunday was boring as usual because I have work.. but in the evening I took some pics of my old camera lens as I got a new one for xmas so i'm putting my old one on eBay :) If anyone is interested the link is here :) It is a Canon 17-85 mm zoom lens :)

Today me and my housemate Hannah went for a run as part of our new years resolution :) I've got to say it feels good to be getting exercise but at the same time it really hurts!! I guess no pain no gain! So after working up a sweat I jumped into a hot shower and smothered myself in Vanilla body lotion from lush and sat with a hot crumpet and hot tea, after which I felt 100% better :)

We then decided to take a wander round town, Ive been desperate to wear my new velvet skirt that I ordered a couple of weeks ago from Boohoo and now have the perfect blouse to wear with it :D

This is the outfit I wore to town :) I love my new shirt tucked into this skirt and my leather jacket just finishes off any outfit perfectly :)

What do you think? :)


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