Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 12 - 16 of 365 Day Photo Challenge - Cocktails and musicals

Hey guys.
I've had an insteresting week this week (despite being pretty ill the past few days) I have had a week off uni before I go back Monday for the second semester and it has been a pretty good week filled with cocktails, movies and snow :)

Day 12 - On Tuesday me and my housemates had a girly night out involving delicious cocktails and cheesy music :) This picture is of my delicious Pina Colada (Koko colada in Turtle Bay)

Day 13 - On Wednesday we went to see Les Miserables at the cinema and it was incredible! I've been wanting to see the stage show for ages and never got round to it so when the film came out I just had to go see it and it definitely lived up to my expectations :)

Day 14 - Unfortunately on Thursday I was at work during the day till 3 then spent the rest of the evening in bed feeling very ill so taking a photo was the last thing on my mind

Day 15 - On Friday we had SNOW! Since living in Southampton this was the first time we have had snow so I was very excited about it and couldn't resist making snowmen! This image is the view I woke up to on Friday morning :) I also couldn't resist taking some outfit pics with a snowy background :)

Did you have a snow day filled with snowman making and hot chocolate? :)

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