Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 7-10 of the 365 Day Photo Challenge - New Outfit :)

Hey guys, 
I realise it has been a few days now since I have posted so this post is going to include photos from the last three days :)

Day 7 - This was me planning my outfit for Wednesday :) I had a presentation at uni which I hate doing so I thought if I was wearing a nice outfit I would feel a bit better about it :) The shirt is one I bought last year from Primark and the skirt is a new one from Boohoo, its such a nice fit as its a skater skirt and flares out perfectly on me :) You can find it on the website here.
Day 8 - This is me ready for uni on Wednesday :) This look is also on Lookbook :)

Day 9 - Thursday was mostly spent chilling out at home drinking fruit tea from my new Cath Kidston mug :)

Day 10 - This is the view from my bedroom window this morning :) I love waking up to a beautiful blue sky, even if its freezing outside!!

Please excuse the horrible background in the photo of me, we don't have many nice places near our house to take pics so a brick wall it is!

That sums up my rather uneventful week :) Ive got friends round for a girly nice tomorrow which should be lovely and then I imagine I will be working most of next week but I will still be taking my daily pics :)


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