Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day One Of 365 Photo Challenge - Lush Beauty Regime

Hey Guys :)

So today is the first day of my 365 photo a day challenge (would have started yesterday but had to go to work then sleep forever so didn't get round to taking any photos!)

Day one isn't the most exciting but I thought I would start with a pic of my new beauty regime of 2013! I got a few products from Lush for christmas as I absolutely love their stuff but can never normally afford it. Some was stuff I already use and some was new things to try! 

The Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion I use at the moment, it smells incredible and is a great constancy - quite thick so it goes onto your skin great and it soaks in really quickly so you aren't left feeling greasy afterwards plus the smell last for ages :)

Snow Fairy I have had before as it was recommended to me by my housemate Hannah and I love it! It is a shower gel and It also smells amazing and leaves the bathroom smelling of bubblegum which I'm sure my boyfriend appreciates! 

The popcorn lip scrub I haven't used before but I do have the bubblegum one which does the same job only with a different flavour :) I think they are great and I often use them after I have applied my foundation because it means any trace of foundation on my lips are gone and I can apply a lip balm afterwards and I'm ready for the day :)

The Blousey shampoo and Retread conditioner I haven't used before but a friend of mine works in Lush and said that they are great for damaged hair! Although my hair isn't necessarily damaged I used quite a lot of heat on it and want to prevent it from drying out :) I tried these the other day and my hair felt amazing all day and smelled amazing too! The shampoo smells of banana :) 
These would be the kind of products I would use maybe once  week or less as they are expensive to buy and really my hair just needs a bit of TLC every now and again :) 

Do you use products from Lush? Or do you think they are overpriced?


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