Monday, 21 January 2013

365 Photo Challenge - Crash and Burn

Hey guys,
So i've realised that I am pretty much failing at the whole taking a picture everyday! In my defence i've been pretty ill and haven't really felt like taking pictures and I can already foresee myself getting back into uni projects and neglecting the challenge so I am going to quit while I am ahead! 

To be honest the photo challenge was my way of blogging more because it gave me something to blog about but it has become a bit of a chore finding something to take a picture of everyday as unfortunately my life isn't as exciting as I would like therefore my photos became very mundane!

I will continue the habit of blogging more often but will wait till something of relevance comes up to blog about :) As I said I will be starting new uni projects soon so will have plenty of photography work to share with you :)

 In the meantime I do have an outfit post of what I wore when I went out with the girls last week for cocktails and cheesy disco music :)
Excuse the photos taken against the wall in our house, it was pretty dark outside as we were just heading out!


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