Monday, 26 November 2012

All that glitters ain't gold...

Hey guys :)

This is a bit of an impromptu post as my next post was going to be showing the photos from my second shoot last week, however I am still in the process of editing so will post those at the end of the week most likely :) So keep an eye out :)

So, today I handed my first uni project of the year, and the worst one to be honest, it was a marketing report on Topshop and took me forever to complete! However 5000 words and 47 pages later it is done and handed in :D

To celebrate I decided to have an afternoon of chilling out and having a bit of time to myself as I don't really like I have been able to do that since I went back to uni. One of my favourite girly things to do when I'm on my own is paint my nails :D I love experimenting with different colours and designs but its been a while since I really looked through my collection and OH what a collection it is!!...

I dont think I quite realised how many nail varnishes I actually had! Which inspired this post :)

Here you can see my entire nail varnish collection... yes I am a bit of a hoarder and I NEVER throw nail varnish away so some of these I have had for a few years now... oops!

Quite a few of my nail varnishes are pink... which if you know me you will not be surprised at! 

I have found that recently the bag I usually keep them in feels decidedly small, maybe I need to sort through my nail varnishes... or just get a bigger bag! :D

A lot of my nail varnish is Barry M, i'm obsessed with their nail varnish they always bring out the most beautiful colours and glitter varnishes and I can't help being attracted to sparkly things!!

Here are a few experiments I have done lately all using Barry M :) you can also find these on my instagram :)

What do you think of my collection? Are you also a nail varnish hoarder?? :)

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