Monday, 12 November 2012

Watching the world coming down on my head...

Hi guys :)

The title of this post is from an old Yellowcard song Down on my head as it just so happened that I was scrolling through my itunes and decided that I hadn't listened to them for a long time. However the lyrics are also very fitting at the moment as it pretty much sums up how i'm feeling... Ive got soo much coursework to do for uni by December that it literally feels like the world is falling on my head!

Unfortunately I haven't had time yet to do my first shoot but I'm doing a sort of test shoot on Wednesday with my friend Hannah to get use to the studio and lighting etc, so I will upload a few pics on here when i'm done :)

I have however had time to update my lookbook so check it out! Clearly I have my priorities straight!

I have also had time to buy lots of pretty things on the internet with all the money that I don't have! Including this beautiful jewellery from Twirly Trinkets which I was sooo excited about and can't stop wearing :)

I also just got a really nice tan satchel from H&M in the sale for £10 which I have been eyeing up for ages and couldn't resist when it was half price!! Will upload a pic soon! :)

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