Monday, 25 February 2013

And As He Turns Down The Lights, I'm Feeling Paralyzed...

Hey Guys :)
So yesterday was the first day of Uni Days offering 20% discount at H&M which me and my housemates were extremely excited about (possibly more than any normal human being would be) So as soon as I finished uni we headed straight there to buy anything and everything we could get our hands on while we could get 20% off :)

Surprisingly I didn't come away with that many items but I did buy a BEAUTIFUL dress which I am about to share with you :)

It is a gorgeous burgundy colour, although it looks more pink in these photos for some reason... The dress is actually sleeveless but I am wearing it with a body three quarter sleeve top as it was so chilly outside! It also has this really nice collar detail which I wouldn't normally go for because I find they sit quite high up on me which I don't usually like, but I think it works well here :)

I am also wearing my favourite accessory of the moment which is my bowler hat! I just can't get enough of it! :)

I realise many people would say that wearing red with red hair clashes but in my opinion they just bring out the colour in each other :)

The dress was only £14.99 before the 20% student discount, so a bit of a bargain really :)

What do you think of my dress and bowler combo? If you're a student have you taken advantage of the discount yet? if not, why not?? :)